Directions for use: 

  • The notes used in the set are listed at the top of each set. Make sure to use the set of flash cards that matches where the student is at in their note reading.

  • To automatically play through flashcards click the arrow at the bottom left of the set.

  • The cards will play in order from low to high, to shuffle the order so that it is random click the shuffle button at the bottom right of the set. Random order will give a much better challenge, but it can be helpful to go through the cards once in order.

  • To choose between different flash card games click the "Choose a study mode" button. Trying the different appraoches can help keep the acitivy engaging. The most useful  options are flashcards, match, test, and learn, in that order.

  • Have fun!

Open strings 1-3

Open strings and frets strings 1-2

Open strings and frets 1-3

Open strings and frets 1-4

Open strings and frets 1-5

Open strings and frets 1-6